Long Baseline (LBL) Products
  • Can be fully utilized with our Universal Deck Box UDB-9400.
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Undersea Positioning requires an appropriate integrated system composed of at least two components but often more. Teledyne Benthos offers a full line of positioning products that can be configured in many different ways. Long Baseline (LBL)

  • A collection of fixed, and potentially mobile, transponders can be used to calculate range between any one node and the others. The distance between the transponders is usually hundreds, if not thousands, of meters- hence long baseline. With the inclusion of telemetry, a network can adapt to changing transponder positions to provide greater operational flexibility. LBL systems offer the highest accuracy potential but can be complex to deploy. The telemetry built into Teledyne Benthos positioning products can minimize, though not entirely eliminate, this challenge.
Specification Description

​Specificiations for our LBL products vary by product. Please visit the individual Modem and SMART product pages for detailed information and specifications.

  • ​Used to calculate range between any one node and the others.
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