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Vol1 No1
April 1, 2013
Training & Demonstrations, Ocean Business 2013

Tuesday, April 9

0903 - 1030
Teledyne Benthos

MiniROVER dockside demonstration. Discover the power and versatility of Benthos ROVs.
1230 - 1330
John Swallow Rm 054/06
Teledyne Gavia

The Gavia AUV as a commercial survey tool.
Wednesday, April 10
1030 - 1130
Teledyne Benthos

MiniROVER dockside demonstration. Discover the power and versatility of Benthos ROVs
1030 - 1130
John Swallow Rm 
Teledyne Webb Research

Remote sensing with the Slocum glider and APEX profiling float.
Wednesday, April 11
1200 - 1300
Students Centre Rm 121/11

Integrated suite of solutions for acoustic communications, positioning, releases and more.
Upcoming Events
Ocean Business
April 9-11, 2013
National Oceanography Center
Southampton, UK
Booth S1
Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)
 May 6-9, 2013
 Reliant Center
 Houston, TX
Booth 1333

In 2006, Teledyne Technologies, Inc. acquired Benthos, Inc. and started down a path focused on providing integrated solutions for the scientific, defense and commercial communities. Over the past seven years, Teledyne Technologies had added both Teledyne Webb Research and Teledyne Gavia, established technology-centric system offerings that uniquely address our customer needs. We are now taking the next step to better serve the growing marine markets. We are combining focus across the three businesses under an umbrella organization called Teledyne Marine Systems. Each business will still operate as a separate business, but will share resources and experiences to ensure that each customer receives a premium solution. Whether one needs acoustic communications, deep ocean instrument housings, long duration water column measurement systems. autonomous survey systems, or high performance, small remotely operated vehicles, Teledyne Marine Systems can provide the premier technology and solution.

As part of the introduction of Teledyne Marine Systems, we are launching the quarterly Teledyne Marine Systems Newsletter. We hope to provide insight into our existing products, our product development successes, and solicit feedback to help the whole group provide better systems to our customers. So, whether it's a Teledyne Benthos acoustic release or modem, the newest sensor on the Teledyne Webb Research Slocum glider, or a Teledyne Gavia autonomous underwater vehicle for pipeline survey, Teledyne Marine Systems is there.

Please enjoy the inaugural Teledyne Marine Systems Newsletter.

Thomas W. Altshuler, Ph.D.
Vice President and General Manager
Teledyne Marine Systems

The Latest Modem Technology and the MiniROVER ROV

Teledyne Benthos offers a diverse portfolio of subsea systems including compact remotely operated vehicles, acoustic releases, subsea telemetry and positioning as well as instrument housings. At Ocean Business Benthos will be displaying the new SM-976 acoustic modem/transponder/release. This multi-role product has been upgraded with the company’s latest modem technology and includes new features (tilt, battery voltage indicators) that will be integrated into the acoustic release line late in 2013. This product also serves as the primary node for undersea vehicle positioning. Benthos will be discussing the latest upgrades and features of their modems, releases, glass, and locators on Thursday, April 11 in a scheduled technical tutorial.

Benthos invented the compact ROV class with the original MiniRover in 1980s. The latest MiniROVER ROV with Teledyne BlueView sonar will be on display and also demonstrated during two dockside demonstrations during Ocean Business. The MiniRover is one of the Benthos ROV family, all of which offer high performance in a compact easy to deploy system footprint.

Hybrid Thrusters, ADCP Modules, and the APEX Deep

Teledyne Webb Research is a leader in long endurance undersea monitoring systems. At Ocean Business they will be featuring their Slocum G2 glider which is the market leader for oceanographic applications in scientific commercial and defense sectors. At Ocean Business recent glider developments including an integrated ADCP in the modular science bay and hybrid thruster for auxiliary propulsion will be presented.

Autonomous Profiling Explorer (APEX) float line is the world leader in extended oceanographic monitoring. The APEX family offers standard oceanographic systems as well as variants for biogeochemical monitoring. At Ocean Business the new APEX Deep, the first autonomous profiling float to operate to 6,000 meters opening new frontiers for persistent ocean monitoring, will be displayed. Teledyne Webb Research will be discussing both products and presenting data from recent APEX Deep sea trials during a classroom session on Wednesday, April 10.
The Low Logisitics AUV of Choice for Commercial Survey Companies

Teledyne Gavia is the leading provider of low logistics high performance Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). With modular systems rated to 1000m and a variety of sensor options Gavia is the Survey AUV of choice for commercial fleets. With multiple units currently operational with several global survey companies the Gavia family is delivering operational benefits today.   At Ocean Business Gavia will display their Offshore Surveyor AUV and data from recent operations. Gavia will provide lunch while they discuss the AUV technology along with recent commercial survey applications and deployments during their classroom presentation on Tuesday, April 9.


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